The Men and Women in World War II

from Webster Parish


An internet company calling itself The American War Library, a company that requires a subscription payment to access it's files, has apparently stolen this work from me, and sells it to unsuspecting subscribers. They have thusfar refused to offer me an explanation.

The information contained on the following pages comes from a book published by American Legion Bank-Strong Post No. 166 in Springhill, Louisiana; American Legion Wiley Pevy Post No. 74 in Minden, Louisiana; Veterans of Foreign Wars Thomas-Holland-Smith Post No. 3786, Springhill, Louisiana; and Veterans of Foreign Wars Hunger Rickerson Post No. 3706, Minden, Louisiana following the end of World War II. This book does not contain the names of ALL of the men and women of Webster Parish who served in WW2. If you find your relative here, and the biographical information is incorrect, e-mail your relationship, postal address, and the correct information to me and I will eventually publish an errata page.


The American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars of Webster Parish are truly grateful for the opportunity of sponsoring a book which is dedicated to the memory of those who served their country during World War II. The purpose of this book is to honor those who made the supreme sacrifice while serving their country, and preserve the records of those who helped bring this world-wide conflict to Victory for us.

Through this book, future generations will have a permanent recording of the contributions which these brave men and women have made in perpetuating justice, freedom, and the principles of democratic government. Posterity (sic) will be inspired by its contents.


George W. Gannon, Commander of American Legion Post No. 166

H. O. West, Commander, American Legion Post No. 74

W. D. Baucum, Commander, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 3786

Otha Harp, Commander, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post No. 3706.

All of the book has been transcribed to these pages. Names are in alphabetical order by first letter. If your relative is in the book, and a photograph is included I will scan and send it to you on request, in JPG format and as an E-mail attachment.

In instances where I have recognized a discrepancy in names, I have included a note alerting the user to that. I'm making every effort to assure that I enter the information correctly, including misspelled words.

Names of KIA/Died on Duty: Page 2

Surnames beginning with A: Page 3

Surnames beginning with B: Page 5

Surnames beginning with C: Page 10

Surnames beginning with D: Page 13

Surnames beginning with E: Page 15

Surnames beginning with F: Page 16

Surnames beginning with G: Page 18

Surnames beginning with H: Page 21

Surnames beginning with J: Page 25

Surnames beginning with K: Page 26

Surnames beginning with L: Page 27

Surnames beginning with M: Page 29

Surnames beginning with N: Page 37

Surnames beginning with O: Page 38

Surnames beginning with P: Page 39

Surnames beginning with R: Page 42

Surnames beginning with S: Page 45

Surnames beginning with T: Page 50

Surnames beginning with U: and V: Page 53

Surnames beginning with W: Page 54

Surnames beginning with Y: Page 58

Surnames beginning with Z: Page 59

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